Base coat, top coat and nail polish (Let Life Unfold) - c/o Caption

I'm a sucker when it comes to pretty nails. You'll probably never see my claws naked, but always with one of my favourite colours or a bit of bling bling. I'm not a pro in the beauty department, but I've been trying out the polishes of Caption and I'm amazed. Polish is easy to apply and dries in no-time, stays pretty and shiny for more than a week, doesn't chip at all and it has a gel kinda look (no UV-lamp needed). Sounds amazing right? 

And I'm that type of gal who doesn't want to wait ages for dry nails + I can get very irritated when the polish only stays for a day or two. So this product is a big yes for me! What about you? Do you have a favourite nail polish?

Love, Doris



Leather Biker Jacket- Docks Caviar, Ripped jeans- H&M + DIY, Crop top- H&M, Bag- c/o Urban Outfitters, Heels- c/o Missguided, Watch- c/o Daniel Wellington

During my graphic design internship in Brussels I've made a great discovery! There is a new vintage shop in the Vlaamsesteenweg or Rue de Flandre, which is a great location by the way. If you are in Brussels check the area out. A lot of art galleries, artsy boutiques, great food and coffee places... So the new vintage store is called, Docks Caviar. Love the selection of clothes, the interior, great vibe and cool people working over there!

I've noticed that when I was younger (oh, god why do I even say that... I'm not that old, but anyway...) like when I was in high school, I had a big love for anything vintage. I've spend more euros on those kind of clothes than to H&M for example. That's because it's one of its kind and I think it's kinda cool that somebody else wore it before. Maybe had some crazy adventures with it. And since I saw that leather jacket in Docks Caviar, I've realised that I've forgotten/neglected my love for vintage and second hand. 

What do you think about vintage/thrift shops? Let me know!
Love, Doris