Pictures by Rebecca Fertinel and Doris

First time that I went to WeCanDance and I pretty much loved it! The tropical vibe was lovely, the food was beyond delish and music was on point! One of the highlighters for me that Sunday was Sevdaliza. Damn, her voice, her moves and her beats are just sexy. If you haven't heard of her yet, please check her out!

Besides that I had a little makeover at the Urban Decay boot. I asked for something extreme, because why not. Unfortunately I didn't liked it that much, or maybe it's because I'm not used to loads of make-up. Oh and for the ones who live in Belgium: Urban Decay will come in Brussels this coming September! Place to be: ICI PARIS XL Rue Nueve Brussels.

Next to the Urban Decay boot I tried one of the gorgeous temporary tattoos of LaClaire. If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably seen me stretchin' that neck to get that perfect nice shot, haha.

And thanks to WeCanDance and Ouni for this amazing experience!
Anyone else who went to #WCD15 ?

Love, Doris



Pictures from Pinterest

Ooh I would love to get a tattoo someday! Lately, I've been experimenting with temporary tattoos, which is fun to play with if you're scared to get a real one... or like me, wondering how it would look like on you. Maybe someday I'll get a real one. A tattoo with a story behind it. Just spontaneous getting inked, haha! But for now I'm good with the ones from Mon Tattoo and LaClaire! You peeps will love these too. Check them out!

Anyone who has a tattoo? What's the story behind it? Tell me, I want to know!

Love, Doris