Daily Snaps #02

So, I'm back! I've been gone for a while due to the exams and my jury. It has finally come to an end and I thought to come back with some daily snaps that I didn't posted on Instagram. As you will see/read, a lot of school stuff. Hope you enjoy these kind of posts! Anyway, I'm back blogging regularly.

1 + 2. Together with Mayke, Robbert and I, we got the opportunity to create a year review of last year's school events. The publication came out perfectly and are super happy with the result. We were also invited to the New Year's reception of our school and had to present our publication for all the teachers (with loads of nerves). Afterwards we drank a bit too much wine and enjoyed the cheese fondue and Nutella desserts. That evening it was also snowing like crazy and the snow stayed here for a little while, which is beauuutiful to see. But I didn't see much on the bike, especially when you are wearing glasses! 

3. The week after this event, I had my jury graphic design, a jury to see your master's work progress. I was constantly busy with movie titles, from Jean-Luc Godard to Gaspar NoĆ©, but didn't know where I was heading to. I had too much information, and didn't felt really inspired to create something out of it. So, I closed that chapter and changed my Master's subject during my Christmas vacation. I'm working around my name, which is Gladys (not Doris, that's part of my middle name). I'm creating word plays with it, such as: Glad to see you Gladys. More about it later. If you are interested in my work and process, I created a new Instagram account for it. There isn't much on it yet, but if you're curious what I'm doing as a graphic design student, have a look. (@gladysdumez)

1. I checked out the sales in the design shop, Ydee, in Ghent. I bought these little glass dishes(?) for my jewellery or other bits and bobs. They are like these things that people use in a laboratory to grow bacteria or mold. 2 + 3. Had my first meeting for Mayday Mayday Festival. It's an art festival in Ghent that is organised/made by students and it's for student. Together with my classmates, Lieselot and Sofie, we will create a visual identity for this year's edition.

1, 2 + 3. Mayke, Robbert and I are also working on the movie posters for school. We decided to do this after our great teamwork for the publication. We even called our selves 'Belgische Vlag' (Belgian Flag) for fun, because at our first meeting with the head of our school, we looked like the Belgian flag: Robbert dressed entirely in black, I had a yellowish jacket on and Mayke wore a red turtleneck. Next to our outfits, we also have a great working vibe, from ordering pizza late night at school, singing and dancing as if our lives were a musical to getting stupidly mad at each other (just for fun). A must-see.

1, 2 +3. Last week I signed up for an intensive workshop week, 'How to do things with books'. There were lectures about performance art, staging, rehearsals and appropriation art, and we were divided in reading groups and a cooking group. All linked with the object book. The last day of the workshop we had to do our own performance art, which was interesting. It was held at my school in this room with a big mirror 'cube'. This container consist loads of books donated from curators. It was a nice, but very intense workshop. 

1 + 2.  Printed the first movie posters for next week's movie and decided to put the posters in the black boxes at our school on a rainy evening. Which isn't very smart, but we managed with a lot of screaming, panicking, running to get them all dry in the black boxes. 3. TREAT YO SELF! Exams are done, intense workshop has come to an end and first posters are a succes! And finally back to blogging! Treated myself to some new shoes from the sales at &OtherStories!

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